Creativity is Our Addiction

Let Devouring Our Creations Be Yours

Despite living in a diverse city with a multitude of vegetarian food options, 100% vegetarian dessert options are still hard to come by. Even in the rare occasions where eggless treats are found, flavour options and customizability are very limited. This is why The Purple Baker is dedicated to creating eggless cakes, cupcakes and a wide variety of other desserts that are rich, flavourful and customizable. We are constantly experimenting in the kitchen, coming up with new and exciting flavours and mouth-watering combinations. 


At The Purple Baker, we whole-heartedly believe that high quality ingredients produce high quality products. This is why every one of our ingredients, from the butter and sugar to the vanilla and food colouring are of the highest quality. Furthermore, we do not use boxed products or fake egg replacers, instead we use healthy replacements such as yogurt, flax seed, apple sauce and more! Hence, eggless baked goods are not just ideal for vegetarians but can be enjoyed by everyone as they are healthy and taste just as scrumptious as the desserts we are accustomed to (if not better!). 


The Purple Baker is also expanding to provide party table decor services where we help bring your vision to life. Regardless of how small or large your event, we bring the creativity and eye for detail to produce a party table that will leave your guests in awe. Whether you desire an all-edible sweet table or a mix of edible and non-edible table decor, we are your local and affordable solution!