Golden Key

A Special 22nd Birthday

This 22nd birthday was sort of a belated party for the ‘key’ 21st birthday that the birthday girl had missed to celebrate. For this reason, she asked for a key shaped cake to be designed with an indian design, so a cross between a mandala design and henna design was produced! The main colour scheme was White, Gold and a deep purple-burgundy. Gemstones and candles were also heavily incorporated. Aside from the cake, Birthday Explosion and Food-gasmic Properties mini cupcakes were also baked by yours truly. Additional edible elements in this table include: Greek Yogurt Covered Pretzels, White Chocolate Covered Almonds and Scotch Mints – all in the martini glasses. Ferrero Rocher chocolate were filled in the smaller candy jars. There were also white chocolate covered strawberries with ’22’ painted on them (yes, edible!). Similar to the Champagne birthday above, the wooden 22 was handmade to match appropriate colours, and all the structural elements (martini glasses, candy jars etc.) were bejewelled with appropriate gem stone colours and ribbon. The Happy Birthday chalkboard signs were also handmade. The Dahlias and Hydrangeas were also used to incorporate the spring feel of the season of the party (Mid- April!) and balanced the rose petals strewn on the table. Golden balloons were also purchased, filled with helium and delivered by The Purple Baker. Finally, the basket of mini favour bags were pre-packaged with tissue so that guests could fill their own bags with sweets from the table at the end of the party as take-home favours!