Harry Potter

A Wizard Among Muggles

This was my sister’s 9th birthday party and it was my absolute favourite event to date! Since we had the opportunity to host this event, not only did we pull together a crazy set up, but we also had the whole party planned with loads of activities. Let me set the scene for you all!

When our young guests arrived, they were asked to wait by Platform 9 3/4 (handcrafted). Once they had all arrived, they were handed tickets to board Hogwarts Express and soon arrived at Hogsmeade. Here, they visited Mr and Mrs Ollivander at the Ollivander’s Shop, who helped them “purchase” their own robe and broom (Nimbus 2000!). Of course, they also had the chance to see what wand chose them! (All of these were take homes – wand, robe and broom!)

After this, they finally arrive at Hogwarts and see that in the dining hall, there is a large sweet table awaiting them. They are able to try edible Golden Snitches, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Jelly Beans, Drooble’s Best Blowing Gum. Soon, it was time for their first class of the year – Professor Sprout’s Herbology Class! In this class, these young wizards learnt how to grow different flowers using Cauldron Cakes (cupcakes!). I (Professor Sprout) showed them how to make roses and hydrangeas of vibrant colours and then let them go crazy with a wide selection of exciting toppings (purchased from Honeydukes of course!): Slimy Slugs, Dragon Eggs, Dragon Clouds, Hagrid’s Rock Cakes, and Levitating Sherbet Balls.

Before they could get to their next class, a reporter from the Daily Prophet came to take photographs of the First Years! This was a photobooth activity with handmade Props (made by my other sister – check her out on instagram @asantey_sana_squash_banana), which included: Harry’s glasses, Hedwig, Dumbledore’s moustache and beard, Moody’s Eye patch, Hermione’s hair, Azkaban Prisoner Number, “Have you Seen This Wizard”cut out.

Next was Potions class, where the wizards got to mix various potions and make drinks which they could actually drink! Which was the perfect segway into lunch! Lunch was muggle food – PIZZA!

After lunch, using some inks they had made in potions class, they wrote letters using Invisible Ink. Next came Quidditch practice (of course, they were all on the team!) Our land version of Quidditch had them sweating buckets and yet no one wanted to take off their robes (they were so deep in character). There was only one major rule in our game: Never let got of your broom!

 A special wizard from the Ministry of Arts and Crafts made a guest appearance and did beautiful face painting on the young wizards. Soon after, it was time for the wizards to eat some muggle made birthday cake and pack up their to go candy boxes with the remaining candy on the sweet table!

(Also hard to capture was the Harry Potter audio playlist that was running the entire time! This set the mood just right.)