Royal Prince

Your Royal Carriage Awaits

Royal Prince 1st Birthday Party! By no means is this an original idea, but with so little first birthday boy theme options, this seemed an exciting choice (especially for me who had never done this theme before)! I absolutely LOVE when the party host says to me “I trust your creativity, you have COMPLETE reign”. She had a budget and the rest was all up to me. All the decor from backdrop to table, including all the treats, were put together or baked by The Purple Baker.

Sticking to the theme of royal blue and gold, I created the backdrop with hand made pom poms and fans spelling out the birthday boy’s name. The star shaped balloons definitely made the background pop even more!

On the table, there is the main cake – a chocolate ferrero rocher cake and two side vanilla cakes made with vanilla bean frosting and topped with chocolate dipped strawberries. Other baked goods on the table include sugar cookies (some with full icing and some with light icing for the adults), vanilla mini cakes in to-go cups. There are also chocolate dipped strawberries and Oreo cookies. In the candy jars there are mini marshmallows, white chocolate covered almonds, yogurt covered pretzels, gummy sharks, peanut butter cups and chocolate loonies.

There are also small gift boxes scattered around the table. These are not just for decoration, these encase within them small loot boxes for the little guests at the party. Each item in the loot boxes were hand picked (by myself) and categorized into boxes according to age.

To incorporate the star theme from the balloons back onto the table, I added some confetti gold stars on the table. What I loved MOST about this party was that when cutting the main cake (with a traditional candle), we used sparklers on the two side cakes which really brought the whole table together at the most climatic point of the party!